South Fort Myers Real Estate

While South Fort Myers is not technically a city, it is considered to be its own unique area of Lee County.

South Fort Myers is the area within the Fort Myers district that goes from the corporate limits of Fort Myers from the north, to Lehigh Acres to the east, to Estero to the south, to Fort Myers Beach and Cape Coral to the west.

South Fort Myers is home to Florida Gulf Coast University, and the Southwest Florida International Airport.

Over the past few decades, South Fort Myers real estate has become one of the fasting growing areas both commercially and residentially in Lee County. Due to its location near the airport, South Fort Myers is looked at as the “center” of Lee County by many.

With its blend of franchise and local businesses, South Fort Myers is the recreation and shopping destination for many in the area.

South Fort Myers is also home to many of Lee County’s premiere golf courses and gated communities.

South Fort Myers Government

South Fort Myers is part of the Lee County government. South Fort Myers is part of Lee County’s second and third districts, currently overseen by County Commissioners Brian Bigelow (district two) and Ray Juday (district three) respectively.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for policing the city.

South Fort Myers also has its own fire district and is served by four separate fire stations.

South Fort Myers Schools

South Fort Myers is part of the Lee County School District.

South Fort Myers Weather

The average high temperature in South Fort Myers real estate is 84. The average low temperature is 64. The warmest months of the year are June, July and August with average high temperatures during the day of 91. The coldest month of the year is January and February where the average low temperature is 53.

South Fort Myers Events/Attractions

  • JetBlue Park
  • Bell Tower Mall
  • Florida Gulf Coast University/Alico Arena
  • Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
  • Lee County Alliance of the Arts
  • Seminole Gulf Express and Dinner Train Theater

South Fort Myers Real Estate

The current economy being on a rapid rise confuses us whether we should buy or sell a home. Despite this uneasiness, several reputable firms like us have taken an initiative to offer the best possible services when it comes to investing in South Fort Myers real estate.

Do you wish to make money on the continuous basis and stay ahead of your existing competitions? Here I would like to mention a couple of tips and tricks worth considering.

Study local pricing- Being a potential investor, you should keep a close eye on the home prices, especially if the price of homes in accelerating faster in one area than in others. Next, you need to see home prices in the neighboring towns. What do you think is it fair or overpriced?

Spot new developments- Growth and developments are one of the basic signs that say an area is up and coming. Investing in a growing community can be pretty profitable. After all, you get to visit places like new shopping centers, children attractions and so more.

Explore the alternatives- Our agents in South Fort Myers real estate can really help you determine which areas have the best and worst tax structures. Apart from this, beware of towns and communities that are becoming overcrowded, i.e. Schools filled to capacity and inferior roadways.

Bottom line

Whether you invest in South Fort Myers real estate or any other place make sure you do your homework and connect with our professionals to know which areas are hot and which will be in the coming years.

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