Priscilla Ligotti

Priscilla Ligotti, REALTOR®

How often do you meet a native Floridian nowadays? Almost never, right. Well, Priscilla is a native and happy to now call Fort Myers home. She's made homes in Chicago, Las Vegas and even over seas for a few months but always comes back to her home state. It's where her family is and there's beautiful weather! Family has always been the most important part of her life and is what keeps her busy.

Early on, as a teenager, Priscilla realized that she enjoyed working with people. Seven years with the Walt Disney Company definitley teaches you some of the most important ways to deal with customers or "guests" as Disney says. Working for Disney led into working for some of the largest companies like Hilton and Caesars Palace. Sales in some capacity has almost always been part of Priscilla's resume whether it be catering, weddings or even skin care. Selling Florida real estate was the next natural step since it runs in the family.