Lehigh Acres Real Estate


Lehigh Acres is an expansive pre-plotted community located in eastern Lee County.

In the mid 1950’s Lee Ratner, a Chicago businessman was in search of a tax shelter. Ratner heard that cattle were a good investment. With that advice, Ratner purchased 18,000 acres of land in eastern Lee County and named it the Lucky Lee Ranch. After a few years, Ratner partnered with Gerald Gould, a Florida advertising executive, Manuel Riskin, a Chicago CPA, and Edward Shapiro, who was in the real estate business in California. The four men began selling land in Lehigh Acres.

Since those days, Lehigh Acres has expanded to over 61,000 acres. Much of the land in Lehigh Acres is pre-plotted. In 2006, Lee County hired a private planning firm to map out a comprehensive community plan for Lehigh Acres.

Lehigh Acres has long been known for its affordable housing and “blue collar” lifestyle. Lehigh Acres also has the highest elevation of any area in Lee County.

Today, Lehigh Acres has grown to include major shopping centers, local schools, golf courses, and over 11,000 miles of roads.

Lehigh Acres Government

Lehigh Acres is part of the Lee County government. Lehigh Acres is part of Lee County’s fifth district, currently overseen by County Commissioner Frank Mann. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for policing the city. Lehigh Acres also has its own fire district and is served by five separate fire stations.

Lehigh Acres Schools

Lehigh Acres is part of the Lee County School District.

Lehigh Acres Demographics

According to the 2010 census report, the population of Lehigh Acres is 86,784 people, an increase of 159.6% since 2000. There are 38,995 total homes with 18,766 occupied by owner.

The racial makeup of Lehigh Acres in 2010 was;

  • 67.5% Non-Hispanic White
  • 19.3% African-American
  • 34.3% Hispanic
  • .4% American Indian
  • 1.2% Asian
  • 3.3% reporting two or more races

Lehigh Acres Weather

The average high temperature in Lehigh Acres Real Estate is 84. The average low temperature is 64. The warmest months of the year are July and August with average high temperatures during the day of 93. The coldest month of the year is January where the average low temperature is 49.

Lehigh Acres Events/Attractions

  • Fossil Expeditions
  • Manatee Kayak Tours
  • Buckingham Field

Lehigh Acres Real Estate

Are you about to enter the Lehigh Acres Real Estate industry? Over the past decade, we all have been witnessing several ups and downs but if we see as a whole the industry has been constantly growing and developing. However here I would like to mention a few tips for both buyers and sellers that will help them in succeeding in the real estate industry.

Buyers :- Don't overreach, a bidding war might result in overspend so bid wisely. In addition to this, rather than focusing on overheated developments, look at comparable homes in neighboring areas with equal proximity to schools and other spaces.

Best houses are still getting snapped quickly so be ready, be early and be flexible. Don't wait until you find a loan, keep an action-inspector ready for an immediate visit in Lehigh Acres Real Estate.

Sellers- If you set a price to say from 5% to 10% above the market, you are more likely to get an offer close to your home's real value but always remember never overplay it!

Many sellers ask me why there is the need to pay full agent's commission, well actually you don't need to It always has to be split in a fair manner.

On and all, whether you buy or sell the house, it is very important to choose highly skilled Lehigh Acres Real Estate agents in town. We can offer you N number of services and solutions in this property world, all you just need to do is get in touch with our professionals today!

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