Alva Real Estate

Alva is a rural community located in the northeast section of Lee County.

While not an incorporated city, Alva is the oldest settlement in Lee County. Founded in 1887, Alva is located on the Caloosahatchee River.

In today’s world Alva represents a trip back in time when Southwest Florida was a small, rural area. Alva remains a quaint rural area, known for its “old Florida” lifestyle.

Many people seeking this lifestyle have flocked to Alva Real Estate in recent years making it one of the fasting growing areas in Lee County. Despite the growth, Alva remains intent on keeping its rural lifestyle intact.

Alva Government

Alva is part of the Lee County government. Alva is part of Lee County’s fifth district. The current Lee County District 5 County Commissioner is Frank Mann. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for policing the city. Alva also has its own fire district and is served by one fire station.

Alva Schools

Alva is part of the Lee County School District.

Alva Demographics

According to the 2010 census report, the population of Alva is 2,596 people, an increase of 19% since 2000. There are 1,257 total homes with 926 occupied by the owner in  Alva Real Estate.

The racial makeup of Alva in 2010 was;

  • 97.5% Non-Hispanic White
  • .1% African-American
  • .3% Hispanic
  • .3% American Indian
  • .5% Asian
  • .6% reporting two or more races

Alva Weather

The average high temperature in Alva is 84. The average low temperature is 60. The warmest months of the year are July and August with average high temperatures during the day of 92. The coldest month of the year is January where the average low temperature is 48.

Alva Events/Attractions

  • The Eden Vineyards and Winery
  • W.P. Franklin Lock and Dam

Alva Real Estate

Real estate industry is all about producing income whether it is through commercial, residential or industrial means. Currently, Alva Real Estate is pretty much in vogue where you gain benefits like appreciation, cash flow, leverage, tax benefits and so forth.

How can you become successful by investing in Alva Real Estate?

If you are thinking of consulting a guru then please don't! I mean countless investors have become successful without any help, all they do is decide wisely. Now many of you choose the slick and dangerous way to make instant money which is not correct, real estate investment is a long-term process that needs to be well-documented at each and every stage.

Alva Real Estate- Things to consider

  • Research well- Before signing up any contract spare few minutes on Google or consult your friends and relatives who have an immense experience in this real estate industry. Research pretty carefully and then take a step forward to invest.
  • Bits of Advice are many- You will find several people offering advice and suggestions, but it's you who need to decide upon what needs to be done.
  • Do not get swayed by emotions- You will come across several slick salesmen who can trap you emotionally and get your money. So learn to recognize these tactics and keep your emotions in check especially while you are investing in Alva Real Estate.

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